A little about Michael Brand:

My entire life I was around farm machinery and Coal Mining Equipment.  My father Ludwig Brand worked in the mining industry during the day and then worked on our farm after work hours.  This gave me the ability to experience a large variety of equipment and repair scenarios.  I graduated from Trinity High School in 2001 with honors.  Immediately after High School I attended California University of Pennsylvania for a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology.  Two years into college I began my own business rebuilding small gearboxes.  I used the income from these to slowly grow and begin expanding my business.  By 2005 I had graduated college and built a new shop to push my operations into.  As things were steadily moving forward, in 2006 I opted to go back to college for a Master’s Degree in Business. 

In 2007 Stuart Rhodes, LLC began pushing my product in the Western US.  Stu’s reputation and belief in my abilities have opened many doors over the years for my company. With his and my fathers knowledge I have been able to develop and improve processes for repairs and new equipment that go above and beyond most competitors.

In 2010 I got married and started a family of my own to share my success.  I have two wonderful boys now and a wife who support me as I keep moving M-TEC forward.  

My business philosophy has always been to treat my customers as I want to be treated.  Furthermore, I am always looking for ways to expand M-TEC and improve my processes to lower costs and pass it on to my customers.   


M-TEC was born in 2003 rebuilding small gearboxes. After two profitable years, plans for the first robot capable of rebuilding flight bars was put into place.  A good business plan, the right people and persistence made it possible to break into rebuilding flight bars by mid 2006.  The first six months were spent fine tuning, programming, development and refining the correct rebuild process.  By 2007, M-TEC  was rebuilding flight bars for significantly less money than building new, all while meeting OEM tolerances.  With the success and knowledge from the flight bars came new opportunity for other rebuilds, such as;  sprockets, trapping shoes, skid shoes, rack bars, and various other items.  M-TEC now works extensively with its brother company in Germany to supply high quality parts and hardware.  M-Tec has since expanded into the gas and oil industries, rebuilding and manufacturing various parts, as well as custom fabrication.  M-TEC's focus has always been on continuous improvement, expansion, cost savings for customers and high quality work.

Mike Brand